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Flexible Dental Benefits for You and Your Employees 

If we’ve learned one thing in our 40+ years in the dental care business, it’s that one size does not fit all.  So, with the help of employers and members like you, we’ve designed unique benefit options to reward healthy habits, maximize allowances, and provide extra care for persons with certain medical conditions.

Click on the links below to learn more about our network values, small business solutions and customized large group plans. 

Two Networks - Delta Dental Premier and PPO Offering Choice
Delta Dental Premier and PPO Offering Choice

Delta Dental’s unique dual network gives you more choice from a broader selection of dentists by utilizing two networks – Delta Dental PPO and Delta Dental Premier.

  • Delta Dental PPO provides your employees with the lowest out-of-pocket costs. That’s because dentists who participate in the PPO network have agreed to accept lower reimbursements for services. More than 30 percent of all dentists in Iowa and 45 percent of dentists nationally participate in the Delta Dental PPO network.
  • Delta Dental Premier is the largest dental network in the nation, with more than 90 percent of all dentists in Iowa and more than 80 percent of dentists nationallyparticipating. Delta Dental Premier gives you a wider selection of dentists while keeping out-of-pocket costs economical.
Small Business Solutions (1-50 employees)

Delta Dental of Iowa's pooled group plans offer the opportunity to provide dental benefits for employers with 1 to 50 eligible employees. Groups are combined by size category, or "pooled," with other similar size groups to maximize their benefits and reduce costs. Delta Dental small group plans with and without the pediatric dental essential health benefit required of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Delta Dental Employer Choice Plans - our most popular plans

Delta Dental makes choosing a dental plan for your small business easy in four steps.  You choose:

  1. Employer chooses a plan type - with (PLUS) or without (PRIME) the ACA pediatric dental services essential health benefit.  
  2. Network of Delta Dental dentists - choose from Delta Dental Premier or Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier. 
  3. Coverage and annual benefit maximums - choose from plans A, B or C.
  4. Optional Corrective Orthodontia - while medically necessary is included with all small groupPRIME plans, corrective orthodontia can be added to the group policy. 

Plus Delta Dental's Employer Choice Plans include the following additional benefits

For rates please contact your local agent or Delta Dental at 877-423-3582.


Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier Employee Choice Plans (Voluntary)
These plans are for employers that want to offer a dental plan with no employer contribution. Employees choose the plan that meets their needs and monthly premiums are deducted via payroll through the employer. Employees choose their plan in three easy steps:

  1. Employees pick who to cover.
  2. Employees choose a plan with (PLUS) or without (PRIME) the ACA pediatric dental essential health benefit.
  3. Employees choose from three plans - Platinum, Preferred or Preventive. 
Large Group Solutions (51+ employees)

We offer products with the flexibility to tailor coverage to suit an employer’s specific needs, including a traditional fee-for-service plan (Delta Dental Premier) and a preferred provider option (Delta Dental PPO). These plans allow complete flexibility in plan design to suit the benefit needs, financing options and budget of each employer group.

In addition, large group employers can choose from the following wellness benefits to enhance thier employees' dental benefits:

  • To GoSM - Annual Maximum Carryover allows enrollees to carryover unused annual maximums from one year to the next - offering them more flexibility and helping them plan for more extensive and costly dental treatment in subsequent years.
  • The Enhanced Benefits Program integrates the science of medical conditions with oral health. This program helps employers lower overall costs by directing preventive care where it's needed most - in addition to promoting medical cost savings.
  • CheckUp PlusSM encourages members to use their diagnostic and preventive services, such as check ups and cleanings do not count towards annual benefit maximums. This encourages employees to seek preventive services while leaving more dollars for major services if needed.


Voluntary Benefits - Employers with 51 or more employees can also customize a voluntary plan for their employees

Contact your local agent or Delta Dental at 877-423-3582 for a quote and benefit options.

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